BMW rounded up a very tasty collection of race cars at this year’s NYIAS to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Alpina, as well as the arrival of the bonkers BMW Alpina B6 model for North America.  Seeing truly kick ass race cars with the white and blue BMW roundel on the hood is always a good reminder for us Americans, who still believe the badge exists on the road cars as a warning that there may be a insufferable douchebag inside.

The achingly pretty and impeccably restored racing Alpina 2002 on display in its original Colorado Orange would have been enough to pay tribute.  But BMW also brought one of the most famous racing BMWs of all time, the 3.0 CSL known as “the batmobile” that won Sebring in 1975.  That victory really made BMW’s early reputation in the States; the flared wheel wells and striped paint scheme of the batmobile have since become legend.  So it only makes sense that BMW would borrow that famous livery for their latest racing effort, the GTLM Z4 racer, which was parked right alongside.  Seeing these racecars up close was a treat.

Oh man.  What I wouldn’t give for a few laps around Lime Rock inside the batmobile.


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