When the clean-sheet 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray was unveiled a few days ago at the Detroit Auto Show, it caused the internet to nearly collapse under the crushing weight of opinion raging about whether it has a good design.  Some journalists gushed that “it looks like a Ferrari!”  Yes, in that special way that your fat child looks like Superman on Halloween, perhaps.  From the rear, the C7 Stingray is more like a mouthful of new Camaro with a grisly aftertaste of ‘90s Firebird.  Hopefully America’s Sports Car looks better on the street because in photos it’s got a serious case of the angles.

To see what might happen when real life Italians get their hands on the Corvette, behold the 1959 Corvette Italia.   Back in 1959, Italian design maestros Scaglietti showed GM exactly how to make a Corvette look like a Ferrari, with stunning results.  Only 3 of these Scaglietti bodied Corvettes were ever made.  This one was on display at the Petersen Auto Museum in LA.



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