A Westy Named Tux: One Man, A Guitar, And His Volkswagen

Sometimes you just gotta go your own way.  At a time when most music journalists would rather write about what Lourde said about Diplo’s penis and the rest of the internet is sagging under the weight of a giant oiled-up ass, New Orleans musician Dustan Louque is eschewing all that bullshit.  He’s carving out a new artistic existence, one mile at a time, in the perfect solo tour vehicle.  Meet Tux, his immaculate 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van.


Dustan is an amazing singer and good friend of mine (I played drums on his new record), and I know that personally, he’s always needed to do things that felt authentic to who he is.  He once was signed to a major label, but that didn’t feel right.  He tried to settle down in his hometown of New Orleans and do the homeowner thing, but that didn’t do the trick, either.

So Dustan is hitting the road as a singing vagabond and embracing the Westfalia lifestyle to the fullest.  Check out his website for tour dates, and to learn how you can sponsor “Tux tanks” to help him reach his next town.

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