Take these three letters: BRZ, then add these three letters: STI.  What do you get?  You get the sound of a bunch of dudes who already bought the little Subaru sports coupe (or its Scion twinsie, the FR-S) slapping their foreheads because god damn it.  They finally went turbo.  What now?  My car is now a piece of shit.  A slow, worthless piece of shit.  I’m going to go drive it off the nearest cliff right now, assuming I can build enough speed.

Wait!  Not so fast, bud.   The BRZ STI is just a one-off concept, not a production vehicle, so your investment is safe.   And besides, this thing doesn’t have your regular BRZ engine with a turbo slapped on it under its hood – haha, no way, dummy! – it has the same racing 2.0 liter turbo motor from the Japanese GT300 race version.   The Subaru brass are politely saying this gives the STI *only* around 300 horsepower, but those in the know claim this powerplant is good for up to four-hundred-fifty.  Holy hell.

Other than the exotic engine, this car is fitted with a ton of other cool parts that hopefully will make their way to a Subaru parts counter near you.  The huge wing is obvious, but there’s a full STI suspension, exhaust, brakes, wheels, interior stuff, even STI-logo’d lug nuts.  This car, in a lovely matte shade of the classic STI blue, represents the first wave in a big push to raise awareness of the legendary STI performance division in America.

Keep it coming, Subaru.  You have our attention.


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