Having never been in a $300,000 car before, I wasn’t prepared for the carpets inside the Rolls Royce Wraith.  They are impossibly soft, thick wool carpets that, even with my shoes on, made me feel like I was wearing comfy slippers the moment I sat down, and it made me laugh a kind of fearful holy-shit-what’s-my-net-worth-again kind of laugh.  Then I looked up and saw that over 1000 tiny LEDs were sewn into the headliner to create a starry sky inside the car.  Then I laughed for real because that’s just ridiculous.  Here it is, the feature presentation in the theater of the absurd, the Wraith ‘Inspired by Film’ edition.

The interior is incredibly beautiful.  The doors open in reverse, revealing a huge swath of exotic open grain wood veneer on each door panel.  Nearly everything, everywhere you look is some kind of highly polished metal, wood, or leather.  There is no plastic.  At all.  The dashboard is covered with matching woods, except for the truly stunning ‘Wraith’ analog clock embedded in the passenger side.  I had a feeling about this before, but when it comes to a Rolls Royce, it’s all about the interior.

Of course, all the technical stuff made of huge, silly numbers.  The car weighs well over 5,000 lbs., the engine is a twin turbo monster v12 churning out 624 horsepower, it can hit 60 in 4 something seconds and like I said before, it costs three hundred freaking thousand dollars.  And they let me sit in it.  Thanks NYIAS media days!


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