The IMSA Tudor United Sportscar Championship and Continental Tire Challenge Series (that’s a mouthful) returned to Lime Rock Park in Connecticut July 24-25 and brought some of the finest road racing I’ve ever seen.  Lime Rock is a short and deceptively simple track where momentum is key.  When you throw two different classes of cars out there together it gets really hectic, really fast.

Multimatic’s new Ford Shelby GT350 race cars put the hurt on the rest of the Grand Sport field and took a 1-2 finish in a race shared with the Sport Tuner class (those little ST guys in their Miatas and MINIs are darn quick around LRP, though).  Then the main event : ultra-fast LMPC Prototypes capable of hitting 150+ mph on the Sam Posey Straight fighting for open track against the Vipers, Aston Martins, and Ferraris of the GT Daytona class.  Ultimately the class leading #38 LMPC would try and dive underneath the GTD class leading #48 Audi R8 in a high stakes move on Lime Rock’s most difficult corner, the Downhill.  Both cars ended up in the fence.

Photo Gallery: IMSA Lime Rock 2015

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