Nestled in Connecticut’s rolling tree covered hills, Lime Rock Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tracks on the east coast.  Watching a race here feels as serene as a family picnic.  There are no bleachers or grandstands, just grassy slopes with picturesque views.  Ask a driver though, and they’ll say it’s the exact opposite of a picnic.  It’s a fast, mean, deceptive little track that will bite you in the ass the instant you start thinking about anything except the the seven corners.  In other words, it’s awesome.

Lime Rock Park

The IMSA Contintental ST (Street Tuner), Continental GS (Grand Sport) and Porsche GT3 Cup series rumbled into these hills on Memorial Day weekend, and brought with it some superb door to door racing.  The tradition of sports cars tearing up Lime Rock goes back over forty years to the iconic Trans Am years, and it was very satisfying to see today’s contemporary Mustangs and Camaros mixing it up with the BMWs, Nissans, and Porsches out there.

I got to wear the photo vest at Lime Rock for the first time for this event.  For even more more of these, check my Flickr page.  Special thanks to Rick and Jeff at Lime Rock for taking the time to get me approved and oriented on Friday.  I learned a lot, and had a blast.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

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