I used to own a 2005 MINI Cooper S that I thought was pretty damn cool.  Black on black, no sunroof, 6-speed.  Once, I drove it to a NASCAR race at Pocono.  Nearing the track there was a ton of traffic on the local roads and I was just crawling along in line – windows down – yo yo what’s up race fans! – when I inched past three shirtless guys standing in a gravel driveway drinking beers who all locked eyes on the tiny car.  Uh oh… it’s inevitable…  “Hey!  That’s a BITCH car!”

Yes, BMW’s MINI reboot is considered by some to be a decidedly effeminate vehicle choice.  This bias runs deepest among folks who either don’t have a shirt, or do have Truck Nutz.  I always admired the first-gen MINI for its pleasingly retro looks, and also what it could do: it could be parked anywhere, with a 15% reduction pulley on the supercharger it was especially quick, and with the back seats folded I could fit a full 5 piece drumset with hardware, cymbals AND a passenger.  The perfect NYC car in a lot of ways.  I bravely shouted back “Even Dale Earnhardt Jr. owned a customized 2004, you guys!” but I had of course already rolled my windows up and they couldn’t hear me.

mini with flamesMy friend texted me a picture of the above MINI this morning on the streets of Brooklyn, sporting a rather extensive flames graphics package.  Do you think the owner of this MINI is compensating for driving a “bitch” car?  Or just ain’t skeered?

Photo credit: Abe Seiferth



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