Funny thing: most of the cars at the 2015 NYIAS were driven in slowly, or pushed in by handlers.  But the outrageously pointy and green Aston Martin Vulcan just appeared on the carpet suddenly.  No one knows how it got there.  A guy over at Chevy said there was a whirring sound, a bright, busy light blob appeared, and then there it was.  SO WEIRD, YOU GUYS!

Sorry Aston Martin, you named a car Vulcan, so you must be ready to endure many bad sci-fi jokes.  But here’s the thing: the Vulcan is not a joke.  Not at all.  Usually when you see cars at shows that look this stupifyingly good, they’re just design exercises.  At best they’re concept cars, with some production ready features.  Well, this, this right here is going to be a real car.  Twenty four cars to be exact.  And they will all have 800 horsepower, fully adjustable pushrod suspension, a complete carbon fiber monocoque, and FIA safety approval for real, actual racing.  Like, really real race cars.  Holy shit.

That’s very good news.  The bad news is you will probably never see one howling around a track, and not just because there are only going to be twenty four.  Since each one will probably cost somewhere between private island and small solar system, most Vulcans will be purchased by extremely rich people.  And by rich people I mean not race car drivers.  

Inevitably, the twenty four most beautiful Aston Martins ever built will likely end up as very beautiful piles of shattered carbon fiber.  So let’s look at these beauties while we still can.  Did you see those taillights?  Madness.

Click any photo to launch the gallery view:

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