2015 Mustang Render

This picture popped up in a thread on All Ford Mustangs last week in which the OP described his experience evaluating the 2015 Mustang for a marketing group.  The render above was chosen by the OP as being the closet thing to what he saw that day.  The round retro headlights are definitely history, replaced with an LED blade.  Overall proportions were reported to be similar to the current generation, but with perhaps a bit more long hood/short deck stance.  The taillights are reported to be a super futuristic take on the 1969 look, the chunky louvered red plastic horizontally overlapping and getting high praise.  Also reported was a center mounted (and Europe mandated) rear foglight out back.  Clearly, if they are asking for opinions, Ford is probably still at the drawing board making changes to the final look.  But whatever was being described in that thread must’ve been pretty close to the truth because the whole thing just disappeared a couple of days ago with no explanation from the forum mods.  Poof!

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  • marrissa waller says:


  • Brett Woods says:

    If it looks like that I will be thankful and happy. It looks tasteful. After recently driving a Camano and challenger which are ergonomically horrible I desperately hope they keep the high seating and avoid a low roof, too high door sills and deepdish interior. When the tarp came off the C7 corvette I was left cold. Strakes, creases, and bulbous moldings look immediately dated. And really, more exhaust pipes are an embarrassment. But other than the trend started with the 2011 mustang, Ford has been moving in the right direction with fabulous, exciting and quality-looking rather than cartoonish designs so I am hopeful.

  • TourDeForce says:

    If this is the new Mustang, or even remotely close, I’m a buyer in 2015…

    • TourDeForce says:

      … and yes, I know I’m late to the party by posting in an 8 month old thread, but I’m excited about the prospect of this car.

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